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Furniture Warehouse Manager

Operations KSA Full Time, Permanent

Kindly send all applications to with the subject title “Furniture Warehouse Manager_KOP0016”

Position Description

Job Title: Furniture Warehouse Manager
Reporting Into: Operations Manager - FF&E
Direct Reports: FF&E Operations Crew
Location: KSA

Job Objective:

The Furniture Warehouse Manager will be responsible for maintaining the effective and efficient functioning of the FF&E warehouse & Delivery Operations. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • To maintain and promote health and safety best practices within the warehouses & Onsite
  • To maintain the daily and weekly housekeeping of all areas at the warehouses. 
  • Housekeeping maintenance includes general tidiness of warehouse, loading, storage, pantry & lavatories areas. 
  • Ensure deliverables are prepared to satisfy the project requirements, cost, and schedule. 
  • Create an environment oriented to trust, open communication, creative thinking, and consistent team effort
  • Motivate and inspire team members. Provide the team with a vision of the project objectives. Lead by setting a good example
  • Assigning tasks to team members and giving them specific directions and procedures to follow in carrying out assigned tasks
  • Monitor team members in the course of their work and ensure that they comply with the standards of operations obtainable in the establishment 
  • Facilitate problem-solving and teamwork
  • Strive for team consensus and win-win agreements 
  • Ensure discussions and decisions lead toward closure 
  • Maintain healthy group dynamics 
  • Intervene when necessary to aid the group in resolving issues 
  • Assure that the team members have the necessary education and training to effectively participate in the team 
  • Encourage creativity, risk-taking, constant improvement 
  • Recognize and celebrate team and team member accomplishments and exceptional performance 
  • Coordinate with internal and external customers as necessary 
  • Familiarize the team with the customer needs, specifications, the development process, company standards, techniques and tools to support task performance 
  • Assure that the team addresses all relevant issues within the specifications and various standards
  • Initiate sub-groups or sub-teams as appropriate to resolve issues and perform tasks in parallel 
  • Ensure deliverables are prepared to satisfy the project requirements, costs, and schedule 
  • Help keep the team focused and on track 
  • Work on Operations Manager to obtain necessary resources to support the team's requirements
  • Communicate with Operations Manager to discuss projects impediments, needed resources or issues/delays in completing the task 
  • Provide status reporting of team activities against the program or schedule 
  • Ensure that the Operations Team has a clear understanding of their role &responsibilities and provide guidance to the team based on management direction 
  • Ensure guest-friendly and quality customer service behavior from staff
  •  Using All hire to check the stock, print load list, and Pink Folder
  • Identify, plan, and delegate the daily work activities within the warehouse. Which would include: preparing items for the job, cleaning of stock items, light maintenance of stock items 
  • Organize and delegate key areas of responsibility to the warehouse crew 
  • Track and record the movement of stock in and out of the warehouse. Ensure all correct procedures and paperwork is maintained 
  • Record keeping & maintenance of all the tools in the warehouse and delivery team this would include; All & power tools - drills, goods handling equipments - 4-wheel and hydraulic trolleys 
  • Monitor & report damages to Operation Manager - FF&E and coordinate the associated repair/maintenance 
  • Handling petty cash of AED 10,000 to reimburse the fuel and other day-to-day purchases of all OPS/WH
  • Monitor the basic consumables and prepare LPOs to order them regularly to maintain the stock levels. This will include; all cleaning materials, packing materials, screws, and fittings, drinking water, and groceries
  • Record keeping & order all trucks for transporting the materials, this includes 3.7 & 10 ton outsourced trucks 
  • Arrange OPs vehicles services 
  • Coordinating any unnecessary building maintenance with the landlord's service team. 


  • Able to work without supervision 
  • Take ownership and be accountable for the responsibilities assigned 
  • Confident to interact with co-workers, superiors and subordinates 
  • Develop English communications skills verbal and written 
  • Organized and the ability to get the tasks accomplished with minimum supervision 
  • Should maintain professionalism, customer service skills, initiative adaptability, independent judgement, the ability to work as a team member, conflict resolution skills, ability to work under pressure while maintaining a high level of pleasantness 
  • Must be safety cautious 
  • Have good time management skills 


  • Proficiency in MS Office 
  • Knowledge of Inventory software


Education and Experience:

  • Hands on experience in furniture handling 
  • Driving license essential


Job Application

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